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Professional Lawn Care is providing information to help you with growing a beautiful healthy lawn with the least amount of chemicals and within an affordable budget.

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We use three main tools to achieve a simple and beautiful lawn. The first tool is water. We water deep, eight to twelve inches deep each week, We use short water cycles. We prefer ten minute cycles six times a night between the hours of 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. for two nights in a row in clay or loam soil. The actual water times will vary with the time of year and the quality of your sprinkler system.

Second, we work with private contractors to fertilize and provide essential elements (Law of the Minimum) for plant growth our way. We prefer to maintain a nice even growth of lawn through the entire growing season.

Third, we maintain our equipment in peak condition with sharp blades each mowing day. Every other week we mulch mow to return the natural minerals back to the soil with just the right amount of mulch from the cut grass.

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Other Services We Offer are:


Sprinkler System Blow-outs
Sprinkler System Startups
Sprinkler System Repair

Snow Clearance Services

  • Granular Deicer
  • Hand Snow Clearance


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Professional Lawn Care provides educational material for clients on the proper care and maintenance of gardens, lawns, srubs, and trees.

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